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    • Portable Water SamplerApplication:  1. Surface water2. Polluted water 3. Stormwater monitoring Characteristic:1. One 10-liter bottle, mainly for mix sampling 2. High capacity lithium batteries 3. Large flow peristaltic pump and easy to carry.  Summary:Automatic water sampler is a used for surface water and sewage sampling, water monitoring, pollution source investigation and total amount control. It has a large flow peristaltic pump and control by SCM which is complies witLearn More
    • Multi-Parameter Water Quality AnalyzerFeatures:1. The concentrations of chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus and turbidity were directly determined.2. The results of the determination are displayed on the LCD screen.3. It supports data analysis function and has the function of automatically makeing analysis curve.4. It can transmit the current data and all stored historical data to the computer, and support USB transmission and infrared wireless transmission. (selecting).5. Self-cLearn More
    • Multi-Parameter Water Quality AnalyzerThis instruments is eighth generation 4-parameter water quality analyzer. This instrument is simple to use, high accuracy and full-featured.  Main Features:1. Can determination COD, ammonica, nitrogen, total phosphorus and turbidity.2. Set. Colorimetrics system, digestive system and timing system in one.3. High detinition color LCD, humanized operation and simple to use.4. Intelligent data analysis, data analysis at glance.5. Can change font size, data display more Learn More
    • TOC AnalyzerGeneral:TOC (Total Organic Carbon), which directly shows the total organic content, is regarded as a key factor to evaluate pollution potentials of organic compound in water. After 3 years research and development, we successfully launch our new product: TOC. With our patent laws, our TOC can meet requirements for application in water analysis, environment monitoring, pharmaceutical production, quality control, processing control etc.So far, we launch 2 models TOC: TOC-W01 (CLearn More
    • Karl Fischer Potential Moisture TitratorNon-polluting analytic measurement process; Prevent leakage device and prevent suck-back waste device; Automatic inflow and outflow solution, and automatic mixture of KF reagent, which can prevent users from touching KF reagent directly and makes the operation secure and convenient.l Several titrating modes to meet analysis of different sample: Pre-titration, Auto-titration, Manual titration, Constant titration, KF titer titration, etc. l Conversational operation, complete the setup anLearn More
    • Online Turbidity MeterApplications:WGZ Series scattered light turbidity meter is used for measuring the scattering degree of the lights generated by the insoluble grain matters suspended in water or transparent liquids, with capability to characterize the content of these suspended grain matters. It adopts the Formazine standard solution of turbidity specified in international standard ISO7027, and NTU as the measure unit. It can be broadly applied in the measurement of turbidity in power plants, waterworksLearn More
    • Portable Turbidity Meter Characteristics:1. Compact in size, novel in design & LCD display with suitcase package.2. Succinct operation, suitable measurement range & higher performance.3. Low daft, High Accuracy, Nice Stability ensure long-time & stable running.4. Unique positioning structure & high precision pptical system effectively guarantee measuring values accuracy and repeatability.5. Lower consumption and AC & DC power supply convenience for operating outside or laboratory.6. WLearn More
    • 3 in 1 Portable ColorimeterApplications:AE-C301 is designed for the testing of Free chlorine, total chlorine,  combined chlorine. It can be widely used in the field of urban water supply, food and beverage, environmental, medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, thermal power, paper making, farming, bio-engineering, fermentation technology, textile printing and dyeing, petrochemical, water treatment and other water quality site rapid testing or laboratory standards detection.Features:※ Time saving and convenient testing.ThLearn More

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