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    • XTG5000 Series Carbon/Electric Heating Digestion FurnaceApplication: It has been widely applied to such fields as agriculture, biology, food, chemical industry, pharmacy, tobacco, soil fertilizer, environment, material, scientific research and quality supervision, which can be used to conduct macroanalysis and semimicro-analysis of nitrogen and protein content in the samples like soil, fertilizer, food, crop, medicine, forage, water, chemical product, rubber, material and solid and liquid wastes. It is also adopted to test ammonium salt, volatile pheLearn More
    • NKY6100 Series Fully-automatic Kjeldahl AnalyzerProduct Feature* Titration and distillation are conducted at the same time and the ammonia gas released is neutralized, avoid the overflow of ammonia gas and enhance the test efficiency.* A high-precision micro-metering pump replaces the traditional syringe plunger pump, remarkably improving precision and reducing cleaning work.* the humanized pick & place setting of digestion duct makes it convenient for users to operate.* Diaphragm pump is used to add reagent to avoid injure which canLearn More
    • Microwave Digestion SystemApplication: Foods,Soil,Sediment,Metal,Alloy,Geology,Capsule, Chemicals,Agricultural samples,Plant materials, Biological materials, etc.The Innovative Points:1. The infrared temperature measurement system could scan and monitor the temperature from the bottom of the each vessel, and then real-time display it.2. The pressure monitoring system monitors the pressure of all the digestion vessels, which will well protect the operation of the machine.3. The microwave is fired from Learn More

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