• High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography
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    • Gel Documentation SystemIntroduction:1800 Series Gel Documentation and Analysis System is designed for the detection and documentation of nucleic acids and proteins. It adopts a high resolution and high sensitive scientific CCD-Camera, which enables the instrument to capture utter weak signals under extremely low illumination condition. The automatic controls and the intuitive software we offered can help the researchers to get rid of the complicated operation process and increase therefore the experiment efficiency.&nLearn More
    • High-Pressure Liquid ChromatographyDectector UnitDetector units include: UV/UV-VIS, FLD, DAD, RID, ELSD. Infusion UnitInfusion units include: analytical type, semi-preparetive type, high pressure semi & preparative type.The Semi-PRE HPLC system can fulfill most analysis and preparation requirements. The high pressure preparation HPLC system is mainly used in small-scale sample preparation and purificatin in laboratories.* The new upgraded pump reserves the classic reciprocating parallel pump design to provide accurate flLearn More

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