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  • Happy 2019 Mid-Autumn Festival

    This entry was posted on 9/11/2019 3:27:13 AM

    This year's Mid-Autumn Festival is Sep 13th, and A&E Lab will have a holiday in Sep 13th to 15th. Today, we gather for dinner and eat moon cakes to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in advance.

    Beginning in the Tang Dynasty,?Mid-Autumn?Festival is one of the most important festivals in China. On this special day, people will gather with their family, they have the reunion dinner, eat moon cakes and appreciate the full moon together.

    There is another tale in the Mid-Autumn Festival. A man named HouYi, who has a beautiful wife named Chang’e. One day, he went hunting and met the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother gave him a elixir. But he didn't take this medicine after he get back home, he hid them under the pillow. Three days later, he started hunting again, Chang’e took this opportunity to eat the elixir and flew to the moon on this Mid-Autumn Festival.

    May wish all Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.


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