AE-subMIDI(V) Horizontal Electrophoresis-Transmission Analyzer
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    Traditional DNA electrophoresis method is based on the electrophoresis tank and transilluminator, but this method can only see the final results of the electrophoresis and can not be real-time observation of the whole process of electrophoresis. AE-subMIDI(v) integration of the function of the electrophoresis tank and gel transilluminator. Nucleic acid sample can be real-time observation by using it.

    AE-subMIDI (v) the design beautiful, clever, full set of instruments can be split and combination in order to achieve "a machine with three". The instrument is the use of semiconductor light emitting technologies and the visible light can avoid the damage of UV to nucleic acid samples and the laboratory personnel.

    The instrument can be used in supporting with Gene Finder, SYBR Green I and GelStar.



    Using as combined electrophoresis - transmission analyzer

    1.  Put it horizontally on the table and power transformers.

    2.  Put the electrophoresis tank on the transmission instrument horizontally.

    3. Poured into a certain volume of electrophoresis buffer to the electrophoresis tank and put the gel into which can be completely submerged by the electrophoresis buffer.

    4.  Sample can be injected into the plastic hole by using the pipette.

    5. Buckle the electrophoresis tank cover, connect the power supply and the electrophoresis by electrophoresis line and transfer to the electrophoresis conditions, which is required for electrophoresis.

    6.   Make the block mask above the square hole of the electrophoresis tank so that you can observate the electrophoresis in time. 


    Using as Visible gel transmission analyzer

    This instrument should be used in the dark or placed in the camera obscura. You can create a simple black box with carton and foam.  

    Put it horizontally on the table and power transformers.

    Place the gel sample on the blue filter of the instrument, and put the orange filter on the gel, then you can observe it and can also use digital cameras to take pictures directly.

    If you need tapping, please put layer of glass on the blue filter firstly which can avoid the hurting to filter, then wearing the orange filter glasses, you can start your experiment.

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      1.Real-time observation electrophoresis: this instrument can be real-time observation of the whole process of electrophoresis.

      2. Visible light: it can avoid the damage of UV to nucleic acid samples and the laboratory personnel.

      3. Less heat and long life: the high temperature in the electrophoresis process will affect the electrophoresis results. The semiconductor light emitting technologies is an cold light of environmentally friendly with low power consumption, less heat, long life and fast response time.

      4. A machine with three: Electrophoresis - transmission instrument cleverly designed, a set of instruments can be split into a electrophoresis tank and a visible light transmittance analyzer.

      5. Multi-purpose slot, easy to glue: it can take care of the plastic sheet of four specifications:60mm×60mm60mm×120mm120mm×60mm and 120mm×120mm.




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