AE-gdsAUTO520 Gel Imaging Analysis System
  • Functions

    1. Used for protein analysis, DNA/RNA molecular weight calculation, single stripe, Dot blot electrophoresis analysis, colony counting - petri dishes, the measurement area/density, imprinting hybrid membrane radiation self developing plastic card, enzyme mark plate, thin-layer chromatography plate;

    2. To identify lane/bands of manual and automatic identification, and number of lane/strip, adjust lane (add/remove), with functions of lane correction;

    2.The full automatic control functions: directly by software to realize the collection of image processing and function operation;

    4. The image processing functions: adjust the image size, adjust the brightness, adjustment gray level and contrast, image rotation, image color, image cropping, image scaling;

    5. The data and MS Excel seamless connection;

    6. Lifetime free software upgrade.

    1.ISO Certification
    2. One Year Warranty
    3. Good After Service 

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      Technical parameters

      * Built in computer, without the need for another digital high resolution low illumination integral camera

      * Active pixels: 2592 x 1944 (5000000 pixels)

      * Data processing system: ITX series motherboard

      * Low power processor, dual core 1.8G, solid state hard drive, 128G capacity, Windows 7 system

      * Preview display: Japan MITSUBISHI 12.1 inch Industrial LCD screen, resolution 1024*768

      * With a touch screen, touch sensitive, wireless mouse set, with standard network port, USB, COM, VGA

      * Detection sensitivity: can be detected as low as 0.02ng of nucleic acids

      * Chassis panel control: can be through the chassis panel zoom, focus, aperture, transmission ultraviolet light and reflected light from the full automatic control

      * Computer control: highly programmed (computer control box / power / UV and white light switch / aperture / focal length)

      * Tapping device: special observation and tapping device (visual angle and the object is 90 degrees)

      * Lens: Japanese Computer high pass through the automatic zoom lens 8-48mm, according to the requirements of the size of the gel.

      * Color filter: specially designed for a variety of imaging characteristics of fluorescent dye gel coated filter UV/IR590nm.

      * Time off: 15 minutes time off function, effectively extend the use of ultraviolet light tube and ultraviolet glass.

      * Open door: drawer type.

      * White light transmission: a special UV conversion white board.

      * Transmission wavelength: 312nm, 8x8W

      * Sample size: 20cm x 25cm

      * Analysis software: Image Analysis Gel

      * Scope of application: can be used for DNA and RNA gel, protein gel and blot autoradiography films plastic card, enzyme label plate, thin layer chromatography, culture dish of imaging and analysis.



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