AELAB+2℃~+8℃ Freezer Refrigerator AE-5V1500
AELAB -4 ℃Freezer-Refrigerator AE-4V108
AELAB -4 ℃ Freezer-Refrigerator AE-4V1008
AELAB -25℃ Medical Freezer AE25V278W
AELAB -25℃ Medical Freezer AE-25H105
AELAB -40°C Medical Freezer AE-40H328E
AELAB -40°C Medical Freezer AE-40H105
AELAB +22°C Platelet Incubator AE-10
AELAB +22°C Platelet Incubator AE-5
AELAB -25℃~+30°C Medical Transport Cooler AE-4V700LC AE-25H80LC AE-25H30LC
AELAB -86℃ Medical ULT Freezer AE-86V588
AELAB -86℃ Medical ULT Freezer AE-86V588E

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