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    • XTG5000 Series Carbon/Electric Heating Digestion FurnaceApplicationIt has been widely applied to such fields as agriculture, biology, food, chemical industry, pharmacy, tobacco, soil fertilizer, environment, material, scientific research and quality supervision, which can be used to conduct macroanalysis and semimicro-analysis of nitrogen and protein content in the samples like soil, fertilizer, food, crop, medicine, forage, water, chemical product, rubber, material and solid and liquid wastes. It is also adopted to test ammonium salt, volatile phenoLearn More
    • NKY6100 Series Fully-automatic Kjeldahl AnalyzerProduct Feature* Titration and distillation are conducted at the same time and the ammonia gas released is neutralized, avoid the overflow of ammonia gas and enhance the test efficiency.* A high-precision micro-metering pump replaces the traditional syringe plunger pump, remarkably improving precision and reducing cleaning work.* the humanized pick & place setting of digestion duct makes it convenient for users to operate.* Diaphragm pump is used to add reagent to avoid iLearn More
    • Fume HoodAdvantage1. It is safer to use anti-corrosive water tap.2. Microprocessor control system, LCD display.3. Made of porcelain white PP, resistant to strong acid, alkali and anti-corrosion.4. Front window which is made of thick transparent toughened glass maximize light and visibility inside the fume hood, providing a bright and open working environment. Technical ParametersModelAE-FH1000AE-FH1200AE-FH1500AE-FH1800External Size (WxDxH)1040x750x2200mm1240x800x2200mm1540x800x2Learn More
    • Stainless Steel Water DistillerProduct FeaturesUsing double directions regulate pressure valve. Make sure that steam cooling water and filling water being divided.Water standard meets 2000 edition State Pharmacopoeia Standard.Water supply cut protecting equipment (apply to controlled type).Indicator light display running state (apply to controlled type).With branching control install; solenoid valve control the flow of filling water (apply to controlled type). Technical ParameterParameter/ModelAE-SD5/10/20AE-SD5A/10A/20ALearn More
    • Laminar Flow Cabinet/Clean BenchLCD Display                         Airflow velocity, UV timer,  UV work time, system work time, real time. Waterproof Socket              2 waterproof sockets are located            in the side panel, for optimum             convenience of using smalldevices inside the cabinet. UV LampEmission of 2Learn More
    • -25/-40/-86℃ Freezer/RefrigeratorTechnical SpecificationsBasicModelAE-R50AE-R188AE-R340AE-R408AE-R588AE-R8383AE-R936AE-R105AE-R485Technical ParameterDoor1322224//ShelvesShelvesShelvesShelvesShelvesShelvesShelvesShelves//Cooling type(Forced air cooling/direct cooling)Direct coolingDefrost( automatic/manual)ManualRefrigerantMixedPower comsuption(kWh/24h) level(db)506060505355535054.5TemperatureAmbient temperature(℃)10~32℃10~32℃10~32℃10~32℃10~32℃10~32℃10~32℃10~32℃10~32℃Temperature range(℃)-40~-86℃Learn More
    • Flake Ice MachineFeatures* Flake Ice* Air Cooling* Stainless Steel 304 Exterior* Adjustable Feet* Slide Away Access Door* World Famous Brand Compressor* Fully Automatic Controller* Improved Design For Higher Reliability Technical SpecificationsModelAE-IMS100AE-IMS120AE-IMS150AE-IMS20AE-IMS30AE-IMS40AE-IMS50Ice Making Capacity:Kg/24h100Kg/24h120Kg/24h150Kg/24h20Kg/24h30Kg/24h40Kg/24h50Kg/24hIce Storage40Kg40Kg40Kg10Kg10Kg15Kg15KgVoltage220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz220V/50Hz or 110V/60HzPower52Learn More
    • Illumination & Climate IncubatorMicroprocessor controller (with timing function)SummaryWidely applied in cultivation of biological histolytic, seed gemmating, breeding test, plant cultivation and feeding of insects andbeasties. The incubators can simulate different climatic conditions accurately.Features1.Microprocessor controller for temperature and humidity ensures of precise and reliable control.2.Simulate changing temperature and light in day/night3.Independent temperature-limiting alarm system ensures experiments runLearn More

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