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        Earloop 3 Ply mask, can protect users from droplet, bacteria and dust.


        How to wear

        1. Unfold the mask, face the inside of the mask, and pull the ear band with each hand so that the nose clip is above the mouth and nose

        2. Put the mask under your chin, pull the ear bands behind your ears, and adjust the mask so that it covers your mouth and nose.

        3. Place the index and middle fingers of both hands on the middle part of the nose clip, and press both hands from the middle of the nose clip to both sides of the nose clip at the same time, until the nose clip is pressed against the bridge of the nose.



        This product is suitable for use in general medical environment where there is no risk of bodily fluids or spillage.

        Do not use when packing is broken.

        If you feel uncomfortable while wearing the mask, please remove or replace the mask immediately.

        This product is a disposable medical mask. It is recommended to replace it every 4 hours. Do not reuse it.

        Used disposable masks should be shredded or destroyed. Patients with fever symptoms should be shredded or destroyed and sealed with plastic bags. Recycling is prohibited.

        The product should be stored in a room with a relative humidity of 80% or less, free from corrosive substances, and in a well-ventilated room; during transportation, it should be protected from sun and rain.



        Very low resistance to breathing;

        Without glass fibers;


        High filteration capacity;

        Nose bar adaptable;

        Perfect fitting.


        Order Information

        Size: 17.5×9.5cm

        Packing: 50pcs per standard small box, and then 40 small boxs will be packed into one carton. Totally 2000pcs per carton.

        MOQ: 1 carton (2000pcs);

        Supply quantity: 100,000 pcs/day

        Certificate: CE Certificate.

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