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        1.A flame out protection device.

        2.With automatic ignition system.

        3.With relief value.

        4.With removable combustion head.

        5.With new-type nebulizer: long service life, easy installation and maintenance.

        6. ISO/CE certificate pass.


        This instrument is used for analyzing & measuring the content & concentration of elements (K, Na, Li, Ca, Ba). It can be widely applied to agriculture (soil, fertilizer, tobacoo), industry (cement, glass, ceramics, mineral or ore powder, fireproof material), food (wine, water), laboratory, clinical experiments and pathology research (serum, urine, plasma), etc.

        1.With K, Na, Li, Ca, Ba five filters, which can detecct three kinds of elements, show three kinds of elements content simultaneous. 
        2.LCD display, touch panel with numeric keypad.
        3.With auto correlation coefficient calculating function.
        4.With pre-select function for flame size.
        5. A flameout protection device.
        6. With single point calibration function.
        7. Calibration curve can be saved.
        8. With RS232 interface, can connect with external printer.
        9. With a mist separator.
        10. Easy adjustable Relief valve, direct view of pressure gauge.


        Ordering Informations





        2 elements from K,Na,Li,Ca,Ba

        K Na; K Li; K Ba; Li Ca; Ca Ba; etc.


        3 elements from K,Na,Li,Ca,Ba

        K Na Li; K Na Ca; Li Ca Ba; etc.


        4 elements from K,Na,Li,Ca,Ba

        K Na Li Ca Ba; Na Li Ca Ba; etc.


        5 elements, K,Na,Li,Ca,Ba

        K Na Li Ca Ba.


        Technical Speccifications

        Measurement range

        K 0-100ppm,Na 0-100ppm,Li 0-100ppm,Ca 0-1000ppm,Ba 0-3000ppm


        the biggest change in the relative volume in 15s:≤3%

        Linear error

        K 0.2ppm, Na 0.5ppm, Li 0.1ppm, Ca 2ppm, Ba 8ppm

        Min.detection limit

        K 0.1ppm, Na 0.1ppm, Li 0.1ppm, Ca 2ppm, Ba 8ppm

        Curve calibration

        straight-line method; polygon method; quadratic fit


        better than the best results of the intermediate value of 2% (single-point CAL)

        Standard accesssories

        air-compressor for all models

        Standard accessories

        micro-printer for all models

        Optional accessories

        PC software

        Standard Accessories

        1pc Micro-printer 

        1pc Operating manual

        1pc Air Compressor

        1pc Spare part kit

        1pc Power cable

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