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  • 1. Payment Issue:

    To make sure you make the payment correctly, pls ONLY follow below payment information to carry out payment.

    Bank Account:


    Bank Name: BANK OF CHINA

    Bank Account: 7094-6818-5491


    Bank Name: CITI BANK

    Bank Account: 004-1892-712

    2. Service Email Issue:

    Our service email ONLY use company E-mail accounts, we do not using any personal email to do business with you. Our major service email:

    3. Warranty Policy:

    The products (Instruments only, accessories and consumables not included) are free from defects or deficiency in material, workmanship for 12 months effective from the date of factory shipment. We obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing, at our company's option, any part which upon our company's examination proves defective

    Following cases are not included in Warranty:

    -Any damage results from improper storage,transport, misused or by accident.

    -Any problems caused during repair or maintenance by anyone else not from us or our Authorized organization.

    -Any situation where the original Serial number label or product identification markings have been changed or removed.

    -Consumable materials,including but not limited to electrode, sample cup,paper and other disposable or one-off materials.

    4. Technical Support:

    If any of the products fail to function or if any of service assistance you believe necessary, please contact our Customer Service Department, meanwhile, Please also keep contact with the Sales Representative, so they can follow up the issue as well.

    While reporting the issue, please specify following information:

    A. Product name, Model name and complete description of the trouble
    B. The Serial Number (S/N) of your products
    C. The complete name, address and phone number of your facility
    D. For parts order, the required spare or replacement part number(s)

    contact us

    Phone : +86-20-34216300 or +86-15800016110

    E-mail :

    Address : 2504,No.2-6 Hongde Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

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